Deborah Singleton

Deborah Singleton, Founder and President of AHP Enterprises, Inc. and A Healing Place, is a compelling educator, lecturer, and teacher. Through A Healing Place and its projects, she teaches about expanding awareness and wholeness through Energy Balancing Healing, seminars, and classes.

Since 1982, Deborah has assisted thousands of people through her understanding and hands-on teaching about the human energy field and its relationship to healing. A Healing Place, located in Richardson, Texas, continues to provide guidance and growth to people from around the world. She teaches team members and clients to adjust to and grow through the wide variety of situations and circumstances that their lives contain.

Her method for balancing the human energy system, Energy Balancing Healing, which she has taught to the members of the Energy Balancing Healing team, is the centerpiece of service to clients.

Deborah’s system of Energy Balancing Healing helps individuals locate their areas of blocked energy, and provides the tools to change patterns that contribute to the blocks. Her warm and inviting style feels comfortable and familiar, in part because she teaches each lesson from a fresh perspective, as if for the first time.

She is the author and presenter of educational modules on The Human Energy System, which provide insight into the manifestation and inter-connectedness of all parts of the individual – physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

Deborah was born in California and raised in the Phoenix area. She holds BS and MA degrees from Northern Arizona University. She exudes a deep and infectious glow of hope, belief, and possibility.