A Healing Place Entry 2015

A Healing Place History of Deborah Singleton’s work. The business entity Arasini Foundation was shut down in 2015 and AHP Enterprises Inc., in 2021. Deborah is retired but does enjoy consulting and mentoring at her discretion.    

The Debby Singleton Foundation was established by Deborah Singleton in 1986 in Phoenix, Arizona as a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit educational organization, to disseminate information about energy balancing and healing – physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.

In 1998, the foundation began to operate as the Arasini Foundation in Dallas, Texas and its website ahealingplace.org was created. The website reaches thousands of people and continues to serve as a wealth of information and resource for energy balancing education.

In 2004, the Arasini Foundation located to A Healing Place Center in Richardson, Texas. At A Healing Place, Deborah Singleton and her staff provide a wide variety of approaches to personal healing, including Energy Balancing Healing, Distance Healing through Energy Balancing, yoga, and massage.

In 2015, the Arasini Foundation was replaced by A Healing Place Corporation and shut down 2021.