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A Healing Place

A Healing Place

At A Healing Place clients and students are gently guided through energy exercises, energy balancing practices, and educational classes to expand both awareness and consciousness. Through energy balancing work which can include visualization instruction our practitioners teach clients to manage their own energy system and create a personal healing space, as well as shed layers of negative thinking to promote wholeness.

Deborah Singleton, Founder and President of the Arasini Foundation, has been at the forefront of energy balancing and the consciousness movement for over thirty-five years. Long before the opening of her present center, A Healing Place in Richardson, TX, Deborah was encouraging those who sought her abilities to recognize their latent ability to heal themselves. With the development of her energy balancing team, a group of like-minded individuals who devote themselves to energy balancing and wholeness, Deborah has been able to offer healing and education to thousands who come from around the world to her center and to this website.

Who comes to A Healing Place? Those who . . .

  • Seek personal awareness and expanded consciousness
  • Require a safe haven from sensitivities to the environment
  • Want to shed layers of negative thinking
  • Prefer energy balancing from a professional team
  • Desire to enhance their own healing abilities through the Apprenticeship Program
Today, more than at any other time in the history of our planet, humanity is reaching out for growth in awareness and consciousness. In a world that has become increasingly hostile to those with sensitivities, whether they be to fragrance, chemicals, foods, electromagnetic fields, or societal and interpersonal toxins, A Healing Place offers a safe haven and guidance for the inner exploration that wholeness requires.We invite you to explore our website, a virtual healing center for you to enjoy. If you are seeking professional energy balancing from experienced practitioners for help with physical illness, emotional difficulties, or spiritual pain or wish to explore and integrate the varied levels of consciousness, call 972.437.5332 or email us.
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Fee Schedules:
  • Your initial 2-hour session including evaluation and energy balancing is $280.00.
  • Subsequent 1-hour energy balancing sessions are $130.00 each.
  • Non-local energy balancing sessions are $100.00 each.
Please call 972.437.5332 to schedule your appointment.