At A Healing Place, clients and students are gently guided through energy exercises and energy balancing practices to expand both awareness and consciousness. Through energy balancing work, our practitioners teach clients to manage their own energy system and create a personal healing space, as well as shed layers of negative thinking to promote wholeness.


Areas of Interest

About the Center contains information about our physical center, A Healing Place, in Richardson, Texas.

Energy Balancing Healing is at the heart of everything we do. All of our systems: emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual, are connected. The Energy Balancing Healing process reduces or eliminates blocks, allowing energy to flow more easily throughout. This area provides further information about our Energy Balancing Healing process.

Services we provide include Energy Balancing Healing, Distance Energy Balancing Healing, massage, and yoga.

Virtual Healing Place allows you to connect with the peace and energy of our center from wherever you are. You can light a candle, experience affirmations, relax in the quiet room, to help you engage in a spiritual practice that carries you in a positive direction.

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