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Authentic Heart

My innate tender heart leads me more and more with each new day. I think it used to, way back in early childhood. Recently an old friend called who I hadn’t talked with in years. She was sharing with me a serious illness she is experiencing, and a request for me to be available for her kids. Then she asked an odd question, with some hesitation, “Who are you now?…What are you?”

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Healing Connection

The late morning was gorgeous. Perfect summer conditions in Texas – a sunny and expansive dodger blue sky with temperatures not too hot. A little steamy, I pressed the pavement appreciating the exercise, sweat, and quiet day surrounding me.

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Healing Poem

A Healing Heart

I wrote this healing poem in 2008, asking these questions. I was searching for my truth, my beauty. I was on a healing journey of acceptance wanting to live in love and peace. Today I am living that dream. I am love. I am peace.
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Suzanne Healing Story

Healing has rekindled my heart’s ability to feel hope and joy. They had been buried under layers of physical, emotional, and spiritual disconnection, illness, and dis-ease. Facing and releasing the core issues 
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Thank You Healing Story

My healing began seven years ago when I met my husband, a man twenty years older than me. Together we discovered the healing of our spirits, mostly through reading, discussions, and our great love for each other. I truly believe he
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