Around and within each of us is an energy field in constant motion, which carries life force energy into and out of every area of us. Our energy field is a fundamental part of who we are. It reflects and influences health or distress in all our areas: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

The interplay between our energy fields and ourselves affects us in every aspect – from the biochemistry of our cells to our patterns of thought, emotion, and spiritual connectedness.

In addition, because all our areas are interconnected, health in one augments the health of the others. The opposite is also true; illness or weakness in one will suppress our health elsewhere.

In the ideal course of events, our energy field responds perfectly to changes in our bodies, minds, emotions, and spirit, by correcting the flow of life energy and moving us toward a state of health.

With every thought and action, the energy system is in constant movement. The complexity of our genetics, life experiences, spiritual connections, environmental challenges, and many other factors, gives rise to temporary or persistent blocks that impede or stop the healthy flow of energy. This can lead to many problems, including pain, negative thinking, anxiety, and chronic health issues.

Our Energy Balancing Healing Process

People have worked with the human energy system to establish and maintain health and healing for thousands of years. Today we see as common modalities acupuncture, Reiki, and therapeutic touch, among many others.

The approach developed by Deborah Singleton, Energy Balancing Healing, focuses on diminishing and releasing energy blocks to re-pattern the energy flow. The process involves activating opposite contact points simultaneously, through channels on the client’s body called meridians and other vital energy centers.


Energy Balancing Healing is much more effective when clients become active participants in the self-healing process. For this reason, practitioners also use and teach a series of exercises for moving toward and maintaining energy balancing healing.

They include guided meditation, visualization, breathing techniques, self-balancing, movement, positive focus, quieting, and others. Once learned, they become powerful tools that promote quiet and positive focus, in support of the natural healing process. These exercises are tailored to the needs of the individual.

Energy Balancing Healing can also be performed without physical contact, through the process of Distance Balancing Energy Healing.

Energy Balancing Healing practitioners do not directly diagnose or treat illness; rather they enhance the human energy system, to allow healing to naturally occur. By influencing energy flow, they remind the system of its natural state of health, a harmony of life energy throughout and around the interconnected parts of the individual (physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual).

This remembrance of health allows clients to regain and better maintain balance and well-being. Not only does this benefit them directly, it enhances their response to treatment from licensed medical practitioners.

Energy Balancing Healing affects all the interconnected parts of us. Some of the significant benefits may include such things as:

  • Increased energy levels
  • Enhanced creative flow
  • Clearer, more positive focus
  • Reduction or release of pain
  • Lessening of stress and anxiety
  • Openness to new perspectives
  • Deep relaxation and peacefulness
  • General sense of well-being


Client Testimonial

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