Life force energy surrounds each of us, and is always available for our healing needs. Learning how to access and utilize healing energy is fundamental to moving toward wholeness, and the process can often be accelerated through the support and guidance of skilled healing practitioners.

Not everyone, however, has local access to practitioners who can relate to their specific issues and provide tailored treatment. At A Healing Place, our center for healing, we offer Distance Energy Balancing Healing to serve those unable to locate support in their immediate community, or to travel to Texas to receive the healing work directly.

Energetic connections between individuals are everyday occurrences, regardless of the distance between them. Energy balancing practitioners connect through meditative thought, where the client relaxes into balance and therefore healing receptivity. Using the approach developed by Deborah Singleton to influence the system of energy specific to each individual, practitioners guide clients to a state of relaxation, so significant healing can occur.

Clients also learn to influence their own energy systems through a variety of techniques, including conscious breathing, grounding, visualization, meditation, and physical movement.

Energy Balancing Healing practitioners do not directly diagnose or treat illness; rather they enhance the human energy system, to allow healing to naturally occur. By working with the energy flow, they remind the whole system of its natural state of health, a harmony of life energy throughout and around the interconnected parts of the individual (physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual).

This remembrance of health allows clients to regain and better maintain balance and well-being. Not only does this benefit them directly, it enhances their response to treatment from licensed medical practitioners.

Some of the benefits may include such things as:

  • Increased energy levels
  • Enhanced creative flow
  • Clearer, more positive thinking
  • Reduction or release of pain
  • Lessening of stress and anxiety
  • Openness to new perspectives
  • Deep relaxation and peacefulness
  • General sense of well-being

Distance Healing Session Process

Print and fill out the “Client Information Form” and the “Consent for Treatment Form.” Links to the forms are below. Return them by mail, e-mail, or fax.

After we receive the forms, we will call you to schedule a session, determine how it will be conducted (telephone, Skype, or e-mail), and receive payment (credit card or check).

During the session, it’s best to sit comfortably or lie down in a quiet, private, and comfortable space, and open to the connection with your practitioner.

The session usually includes a discussion about where you are in your process, followed by energy balancing, and concludes with a review and suggestions for individualized exercises that can be used to enhance your energy on your own.

Throughout the session your energy practitioner assesses and works with your energy flow, to remind it of its natural state of balance.