Welcome to A Healing Place, a center of health and education, set in a peaceful wooded area in Richardson, Texas. The center’s guiding principle – Healing is available for all those who enter, whether receiving, learning, or teaching – is the focus for everything we do here.

At A Healing Place, we provide a wide variety of approaches to personal healing, including Energy Balancing Healing, Distance Healing, and guidance in meditation, yoga, and massage. We encourage you to become your own healer by lovingly looking within, exploring the blocks to healing, and moving toward health and wholeness.

The center staff has worked together under the mentor-ship of Deborah Singleton for many years. With a commitment to their own growth, they create a unique environment for clients and staff. Their intent is to share the experience and knowledge that has brought them to their own levels of healing, as well as to provide tools that allow others to consciously heal.

Our clients vary from those experiencing serious illness or chronic disease, to those seeking inner transformation.